Jean-Baptiste Billeau


As a master’s student in physics engineering, Jean-Baptiste is currently working on the development of a new cold plasma source and diagnostic techniques that could create strong oxidative stress for biomedical applications in tumors and bacteria. This project is an interdisciplinary initiative made possible by Prof. Stephan Reuter (Polytechnique Montreal) and Prof. Derek Rosenzweig (McGill University) in the context of creating an automatized and highly reproducible plasma-bio interaction platform that could couple cold plasma technology with bioprinting technology (Laura Bouret, PhD). He is also currently working part-time as an animator at Polytechnique’s Fab Lab (Polyfab Normand-Brais) and has recently been awarded the FRQNT Master’s (2022) and Doug Baldwin Memorial Scholarships (Electrofed Canada, 2021) for his current work.