Dr. Mansoureh Mohseni


Mansoureh holds a BSc (2000) and a MSc (2004) in polymer engineering from the University of Amirkabir (Polytechnique Tehran), Iran. She completed her PhD (2022) in the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Ecole Polytechnique Montreal under the supervision of Dr. Abdellah Ajji, Dr. Michael Wertheimer, and Dr. Derek Rosenzweig. Her thesis titled “An Innovative Bio-engineered 3D Interface Model for the Study of Cancer Metastasis” focused on developing a hybrid 3D in vitro model of the bone-tumor microenvironment used as a platform for tumor migration assay and chemotherapy drug screening/discovery applications. She was funded by iTransMedTech and NSERC for her PhD research. She is currently working on the development and optimization of functionalized-Alginate hydrogel as 3D models for tumor growth and progression as well as expanding and modifying the invented model of her PhD (a patent filed in 2021) for drug screening applications. She is also interested in developing 3D nano/micro fibrous scaffolds by electrospinning and melt electrowriting methods as well as using 3D bioprinting/biofabrication techniques for metastatic cancer modeling and for testing potential newly-developed chemotherapeutic drugs and natural bioactive compounds in screening applications.