Dr. Megan E. Cooke


Meg’s key expertise is in biomaterials science, focussing on hydrogel development and bioprinting. She also has interests in physicochemical characterisation of tissue matrices. She completed her PhD at the University of Birmingham, UK under the supervision of Prof Liam Grover and Dr Simon Jones. Her thesis entitled “Mechanics and in vitro modelling of the osteochondral unit” investigated functional and physicochemical changes to cartilage tissue in osteoarthritis as well as developing novel strategies for suspended cell culture and suspended bioprinting. These techniques were driven by the use of fluid (sheared) hydrogels.

Meg joined the Rosenzweig lab in February 2019 and is currently working on the development of in vitro models of the bone-tumour microenvironment. She has received funding from EPSRC (UK), RSBO (QC), FRQNT (QC) and CIHR (Can).