Dr. Derek H. Rosenzweig

Assistant Professor, Division of Orthopaedic Surgery, McGill University
Junior Scientist, Injury, Repair and Recovery Program at Research Institute, McGill University Health Centre


Although he was born in Toronto, Ontario, Derek Rosenzweig lived for 20 years in south Florida where he completed his undergraduate degree (microbiology, 2001) and doctoral training in molecular pharmacology at the University of Miami School of Medicine (PhD, 2008). He moved to Montreal with his family in 2010 and joined McGill University as a postdoctoral researcher/research associate in cartilage and spine regenerative medicine (2010-2017). He was promoted to assistant professor of surgery at McGill and scientist at the Research Institute in 2017. Dr. Rosenzweig is also adjunct faculty at TAV College (CEGEP). He has over 20 years of experience in academic biomedical research. Dr. Rosenzweig’s translational research laboratory at the Montreal General hospital focuses on developing biomaterials and stem cell applications for bone, cartilage and ligament repair following trauma, infection or tumor removal. He also has a focus on developing 3D printed scaffolds and nanoparticles for drug delivery and tissue engineering applications, as well as using 3D bioprinting/biofabrication for tissue engineering and human musculoskeletal disease modeling.

Current Funded Projects

Cancer Research Society Operating Grant: Biomedical Devices for customized bone repair post-surgical resection of spine metastases. (Co-PI, with Michael Weber and Lisbet Haglund)

MITACs accelerate grants. Towards the development of a bone substitute-based targeted drug delivery tool to treat bone metastasis. (Co-PI, with M. Weber and L. Haglund)

iTransMedTech Co-development plan: Bioactive 3D scaffolds: innovative substrates for cancer drugs screening/discovery and personalized cancer therapy. (Co-PI with Abdellah Ajji and Michael Wertheimer [Ecole Polytechnique]).

RSBO Major Structuring Project Young Investigator Grant: Composite 3D printed scaffolds for stabilization, tissue repair and local therapeutic delivery in bone tumor resections. (PI, with co-investigators Isabelle Villemure, Lisbet Haglund and Michael Weber)

TheCell Network Structuring Young Investigator Grant: Biofabrication and tissue engineering approaches for enhanced ligament reconstruction. (PI, with co-investigators Julie Fradette and Sophie Lerouge)